Dr. Masaru Emoto:
The Power Of Thoughts

Masaru Emoto Proves The Magic Of Positive Thinking

Dr. Masaru Emoto (sometimes mispelled Masura Emoto) is an alternative healer from Japan who has given the world some very compelling evidence of the power of positive thinking.

Dr. Emoto, now in his 60s, has spent a good part of his career exploring the interconnectedness between human beings and the environment. He presents his discoveries in stunning photographs that delight the eyes as much as they stimulate the mind.

Dr. Emoto is perhaps most famous for his research with water. His findings carry a simple and profound message: don't underestimate the power of thoughts. They have the ability to transform the world.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Molecule Experiments

Most people first heard of Dr. Emoto in 2004 when the hit movie What The Bleep Do We Know? was released. In the documentary-style film, Dr. Emoto's findings on the energy of thoughts are demonstrated.

His central premise put forward is that human beings can affect the shape and molecular structure of water just through conscious intention. He demonstrates this in two ways: first by showing images of water molecules from the Fujiwara Dam, before and after they have been blessed by a zen buddhist monk. He then shows the impact of labelling bottles of distilled water with thoughts. Some bottles feature positive thoughts, while others feature negative ones. He then freezes contents from each bottle and photographs them at sub zero temperatures using a high powered microscopic camera.

The resulting shape, color and structure of the water crystals shows marked variation. Water from bottles that were labelled with positive messages have intricate structures and shiney, diamond-like reflective qualities. Those that were labelled with negative thoughts have deformed, collapsed structures with black holes and yellow tinged edges.

You can see Dr. Emoto's experiment as featured in the movie here:   

Dr. Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages In Water

The Message: Positive Thinking Has Power!

The fact that the human body is up to 60% water compounds the importance of Dr. Masaru Emoto's findings about the power of negative thinking and the energy of thoughts.

What do we do to our own bodies everytime we entertain negative thoughts? And on the flip side, just how powerful is positive thinking and optimism? No one knows the precise answer to these questions, but the findings of Dr. Emoto are certainly compelling evidence that the quality of our thinking can greatly impact our health and wellbeing.

Be careful what you entertain in your mind! Even negative and positive self talk has far-reaching consequences. So be kind to yourself and feel confident in relying upon positive thinking to help you reach your goals. It truly is one of the most powerful self help solutions that we know of.

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